Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Sales Sales Sales!

Those garage sales and consignment stores get me every time! I decided to get out all of the clothes I have found for the baby and put them all on our bed. That's alot! And to think I didn't spend more than $40 for this array of over 60 pieces of clothing makes me ecstatic. They are all name brand and like new too.
It CAN be done. People complain about the economy this, money woes that. Yes, this is a bad time for our country, but help yourself by changing your habits. Make your household different from the rest. You can save alot of money by doing little things. I registered with Target Baby Registry. For myself. Being my fourth, I don't need a baby shower, and I gave all the baby stuff away after Morgan grew out of it. So every paycheck, I am getting something off the list. Even if I only have $5. Dwindling it down. I don't have extravagant things on there, just the essentials I need. If I find something at Walmart or at a yard sale, I mark my Target list as fulfilled.
Oh, and it doesn't hurt that we have the cheapest gas in the nation.....
$1.99 !!!!!!!
We filled up our truck for $40 :-)

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