Monday, August 25, 2008

My Baby Left Me Today :-(

Oh the tragedy! So I waddled (yes, I already feel I am doing the preggo waddle at 20 weeks) to the school today with my three ducks in a row. Yet this year my youngest, Morgan Grace was along for the ride with her backpack and plastic bag of supplies :-(
She is the only one of my 3 to go to Pre-K. The older two were in a learning daycare/preschool at this age so I didn't send them to Pre-K, but I felt Morgan needed to have the interaction and fun with kids her own age so off she went.
She did cry. I did not. Well, O.K. maybe a little quiver in my voice when I called my husband after leaving the school to tell him it was done, but that's it. Now I get to be in this lonely, quiet house for 3 hours until she is done. Which I will utilize to its fullest as my craft/business time until baby comes.
Oh Morgan, you little stinker you.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

An Extensive Fabric Website List

So I have been putting together a list of fabric websites, I know there are many more to list, but these are a few of my favs.

...still adding!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Garage Sales

I do so love them, yes I do.
I find such neat things as good as new!

I love going to garage sales. I love finding clothes that fit my kids and I love finding neat things I never would have bought myself at a store. Probably the best deal I ever got was at a garage sale at the end of the day. Everything was marked 1/2 off. So I loaded up on a metal shelf system that can be adjusted and a wooden clothes drying rack and a rolling cooler for soccer games and some kids clothes, for under $10. I was happy! I was ecstatic! Until my husband saw my load, you see, he does not share my view on garage sales :-( Oh well, one of these days, I will find something for HIM and prove that you just never know.
BTW.. I got that swimsuit up there for my littlest mermaid... $.50 at a garage sale :-)

What was your best garage sale find?

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Children's Room Arrangements

How cute is this?

So, with our current living condition, having my three girls share one room has been a challenge, but hey, at least they are all girls. So I have grasped this and have arranged and rearranged over and over. Yes, we do have a lot of pink in there, but it works. Here are some things I have done to make their room more fun and the general cost:

1. Bought those cheap wall stickers of Fairies and placed them all around the window (high enough though so a 4yo can't reach ;-) Cost: Using Dollar Store stickers - $2.00

2. Gave them each a bin with chalkboard front. They wrote their names on the front and use it for all their "important" things like DS games, belts, awards and treasures. This eliminates the clutter on top of shelves. Cost: $15.00

3. Took inventory of all toys and then removed about 3/4. I switch these out every few weeks and they always are delighted to find something they forgot they had.

4. Found some cute fairy curtains at a garage sale(love 'em) and with a tension rod, hung them at the doorway to their room. Cost: $2.50

5. We put together some cute puzzles and then with a decoupage glue sealed the completed puzzle. Add a cheap frame, and you have instant wall art. Cost: Using garage sale puzzles - $6.00

6. At the local Hobby Lobby, I found some picture frames in the clearance section that had initials centered in them on a heavy board. The frames were in good shape but the initials were not my girls, or in good condition and the ribbon to hang them from had seen better days. At about $.80 a piece, SO worth it though. Using my basic word program, I typed in my daughter's initial and enlarge it to about 300. I printed this out on a cute piece of scrapbook paper with light swirls in the background, light enough so the initial will be the main focus. After placing this in the frame, I cut some matching ribbon and replaced the old. After doing this for all three girls, one light pink, one light blue and one light green, it made an adorable wall piece! Cost: About $5.00 for 3 frames
7. The picture at top shows some butterflies, which are just blank wood butterflies I bought at the craft store, painted, added a ribbon and some glitter. Cost: Maybe $2.00 for 3

Now these are ideas I have but haven't been able to make yet:

1. Buy the small stretched canvas blanks from the craft store. Paint the background a solid light color. Using an assortment of round objects trace circles all over the canvas. Paint different colors, matching the existing room decor and staple a looped ribbon at the top. Viola! Instant wall piece!

2. Applique an initial to an existing pillow for the bed. This can really be a no-sew project since the pillow won't be washed. Just use something like Heat 'N' Bond and iron your letter onto the pillow. You can also do this to a cheap pillow case, be sure to applique or at least stitch around the edge though, since this will be washed frequently.

Oh, so many more...I will save them for another post.

Some Great Tutorials

WOW! Check out some of the great tutorials this fab website has!

Monday, August 4, 2008

How To's

Featured on this blog in the coming days and weeks, will be fun crafty How To's, links to How To's and great pictures. Come back often to check 'em out!

First Post...Yippee!!

So, for my first post, I though I would introduce myself with some pictures of my craftiness :-)

Cupcake Patch

Another Soft and Cuddly Baby Blanket