Monday, August 25, 2008

My Baby Left Me Today :-(

Oh the tragedy! So I waddled (yes, I already feel I am doing the preggo waddle at 20 weeks) to the school today with my three ducks in a row. Yet this year my youngest, Morgan Grace was along for the ride with her backpack and plastic bag of supplies :-(
She is the only one of my 3 to go to Pre-K. The older two were in a learning daycare/preschool at this age so I didn't send them to Pre-K, but I felt Morgan needed to have the interaction and fun with kids her own age so off she went.
She did cry. I did not. Well, O.K. maybe a little quiver in my voice when I called my husband after leaving the school to tell him it was done, but that's it. Now I get to be in this lonely, quiet house for 3 hours until she is done. Which I will utilize to its fullest as my craft/business time until baby comes.
Oh Morgan, you little stinker you.

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kim* said...

congrats to her in school :) they grow so quickly.